What to Know About Artist Alexandra Grant, Who Is Dating Keanu Reeve

Keanu has always kept his personal life largely private. However, in recent years, his relationship with Alexandra Grant has made headlines and captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

The Matrix star, who has affectionately been dubbed the "Internet's Boyfriend," is dating Alexandra Grant, an accomplished visual artist who explores the use of text and language in various media

Alexandra Grant opened up on her relationship with hollywood actor Keanu Reeves in a recent interview

She said, What I love about Keanu and our exchange is that we're pushing each other to build new roads.

“He's such an inspiration to me,” she continued. “He's so creative, he's so kind. He works so hard.”

Alexandra is of the view that her art has “absolutely” changed since meeting Keanu in 2019

The matrix actor is dating Alexandra Grant since 2019, The duo made their public debut as a couple in 2019 years after they published their debut book.

Recently they were seen together during 2023 MOCA Gala Red Carpet. The couple was affectionate throughout the night, as they reportedly arrived at the carpet holding hands and were also seen hugging and kissing.

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